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Obviously, where art has it over life is in the matter of editing. Life can be seen to suffer from a drastic lack of editing. It stops too quick, or else it goes on too long. Worse, its pacing is erratic. Some chapters are little more than a few sentences in length, while others stretch into volumes. Life, for all its raw talent, has little sense of structure. It creates amazing textures, but it can’t be counted on for snappy beginnings or good endings either. Indeed, in many cases no ending is provided at all.

Larry McMurtry

Writing and Grammar

Professional Training Company’s Good Grammar, Good Style Archive

“Do you have a question about style, grammar, or mechanics? Find the answer in the Good Grammar, Good Style Archive — more than 100 pages of useful articles and frequently asked questions!”

Dr. Charles Darling’s Guide to Grammar and Writing

This online resource is complete with quizzes and mini-courses on grammar and writing mechanics. Guide to Grammar and Writing

Guide to Grammar and Style

This helpful site is published by Jack Lynch, a professor at Rutgers University.   Guide to Grammar and Style


I have nothing but accolades for the work done by Karen Crosby. I knew I needed APA formating help and a second set of eyes for proofreading. However, what I received went far past that, taking my paper to the top echelon. How so? Karen helped with all the APA "stuff" but also made significant suggestions in the flow of how I presented my findings, which included verbatim quotes. At her suggestion, they became part of the conversation, instead of "dumped" quotes after the explanatory paragraph, resulting in much better flow and reader experience. Secondly, Karen met my ridiculous time line. What a partner! (December 2010; University of Guelph)

Heather McDonald Cavanagh, MA, BMOAssetManagement

John Russial, associate professor of journalism, School of Journalism and Communications, University of Oregon, has created this “test of the Emergency Grammar System,” an “amusing but helpful test of your knowledge.”   Grambo

HyperGrammar, University of Ottawa

HyperGrammar allows users to create and follow their own lines of thought. On its first appearance on any page, every grammatical term is linked to its definition. A user reading about nouns might jump to the simple subject, and from there to subordinate clauses — users are not required or even encouraged to use this material in order.”   HyperGrammar

Myths and Superstitions of Writing

Created by Gary B. Larson at Garbl’s Writing Center in Seattle, Washington. See if what you think is right really is! Myths and Superstitions of Writing

11 Rules of Writing

Eleven “rules” disputed by respected writing authorities through the ages — from splitting infintives to beginning sentences with and or but to ending sentences with prepositions.   11 Rules of Writing

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As I worked through the chapters of my thesis paper for the MA of Disaster and Emergency Management at Royal Roads, the editing services provided by Karen and Erin at Documedic were a real life and time saver for me. I found I was able to concentrate on the content with the comfort of knowing the nuances of formatting and writing style were in their very capable and professional hands. I found that my writing style improved chapter by chapter as Erin worked with me through the project, often exclaiming, “Whodaknown!” on many occasions as she pointed out some of the finer points of APA. Both she and Karen were as flexible as could be and always had my submissions back in very good time. The guidance Karen gave me while we worked on the final product was very much appreciated. She was understanding and respectful in suggesting to me that it would be better to move or change some things I had become attached to in the form in which I had written them. I am more than pleased with the outcome. It is with distinct pleasure that I recommend Karen and her company to those whose work or education demands this level of professional writing. (March, 2009)

James Simpson, MA, Royal Roads University

The “world’s best search engine.”

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Best of all, it’s free!


Helpful online encyclopedia.

Roget’s Thesaurus

This experimental program, maintained by Mark Olsen at the University of Chicago, allows for searching Roget’s Thesaurus. Roget’s Thesaurus

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